Riddler's Withdrawal is the first episode of LEGO Superheroes.

Synopsis Edit

Batman's Rogues Gallery escapes from Arkham Asylum, splitting into three groups; the Riddler, the Penguin, and the Joker. Riddler plans to rob the Gotham City Gold Reserves, assigning him and Clay-Face the role of getting the key, which is in Gotham City Bank.

Clay-Face lifts a dumpster out of the way. The Riddler mind controls a guard into letting them in. Clay-Face's uses his inhuman strength to push a trash truck out of their way, with them taking the elevator down to the city. They are then obstructed by a wall, with Clay-Face growing large and smashing it.

The duo then zip-lines on the roof of the bank, jump off, and plant their explosives on the bank. Clay-Face uses the detonator to set them off, blowing the front off of the bank, allowing them to go in and steal the key. However, Clay-Face also desires the money, with Riddler deciding to just leave Clay behind, as he showers himself in cash.