Banking on Batman is an episode of LEGO Batman.

Synopsis Edit

After hearing about the explosion at Gotham City Bank, Batman and Robin decide to go after Clay-Face. Robin gets a bit too excited, and ends up getting attacked by one of Clay-Face's goons. After defeating the clay-goon, the Dynamic Duo also find a woman in distress, and lend a hand of justice by shattering the window and freeing her from her captor.

The street further to the right has been covered with toxic mud. In order to get by this danger, the two of them grapple to the catwalk above, but encounter some mindless delinquents—armed mindless delinquents. Despite the fact that they have guns, they are unable to stop the Dynamic Duo's fist of justice.

Batman sets explosives on a long truck clogging up the path to the bang, then detonates it, dismantling the vehicle. The Dynamic Duo reach the relatively high-security entrance to the bank, and realize that they have been locked out by Clay-Face. Robin drives a toy car into an opening in the security room, then rams into the security system, destroying it. The duo then face off against the henchmen, beating them to a pulp. After entering the bank, the Dynamic Duo find Clay-Face messing everything up.

Clay-Face gets battered by Batman, but is able to trap the Dynamic Duo in clay, before escaping behind a gate. Batman throws a bomb at the gate, causing it to get blown wide open. Clay-Face is able to block the hole with an ATM, but Batman is still able to throw his Batarang above the gate, hitting a water tower. The water from the tower melts Clay-Face, defeating him. However, the Riddler is still able to get away, but not before Batman puts a tracker on his truck.